Writing workshops and author visits

Writing workshops and author visits

When I’m not writing I love to talk about what I’ve written or what I am about to write! If you are seeking an experienced speaker and former teacher then I’d love to hear from you. As a teacher with over 40 years experience I know all the tricks and ploys to maintain student interest and engagement all done in a fun and easy-going style. My Author Visits and Writing Workshops are presented using language and activities appropriate to the age group and include plenty of “hands-on” activities.

I have had wide experience both in Australia and overseas and am able to tailor my presentations to suit the needs of the school and the students. I currently conduct weekly Creative Writing Classes at the Albury Library-Museum.

I am able to offer …

Author Talks: A general session aimed at demystify the writer in the eyes of the children so they can see writers are just ordinary people who happen to love playing with words and have spent a lot of time practising and honing their skills. My author talks include the reading of some of my picture story books and extracts from my novels; talking about my personal journey as a writer; discussing how and when I write, the editing and polishing process, and the role of the editor and illustrator in the whole process. These talks are accompanied by lots of examples of early drafts, notes, edited pieces and artist’s roughs that vividly illustrate that writing a book involves quite a bit of hard work!  

Book Talks: These relate specifically to my published and unpublished picture story book titles. As well as readings, I demonstrate with examples, the writing process from idea to draft to edit to artwork to publication. It also includes appropriate activity sheets and writing activities based on the books.

Writing Workshops: These vary in both content and length depending on the participants. They include “Rapid Writes”, (always a lot of fun), that get the children straight into writing mode; to more substantial writing culminating in a completed story ready to illustrate.

All sessions include time for questions and answers and all are supported by lots of examples.

If you would like me to visit your school or organisation please refer to the Contacts Page for more detailed information.

All sessions include lots of examples from my writing, including rough notes, drafts and revisions.

Ian Trevaskis
Ian Trevaskis

Testimonials from Teachers

“A great presentation on how to write a book for an emergent reader. You gave the class some excellent ideas on how to write a book for an emergent reader.”

Maureen, Year 6 teacher, Wodonga West Primary School.

“You really grabbed the children’s interest with your presentation. They loved the workshop, especially Dylan who will treasure’ Gonzo’ forever. Thank you.”

Amanda, Year 3 teacher, Wodonga South Primary School.

“Ian’s delivery was excellent. It was clear, concise and explained the role of the author in simple terms. This session will help the children enormously when they are producing their own stories.”

Geraldine, Year 4/5/6 teacher, Barnawatha Primary School.

“Well conducted, information packed and full involvement with the children. Great ideas for one of the hardest things to do – start writing. Well done Ian, you inspired the uninspired and particularly Owen who wouldn’t have written anything two months ago.”

Joe, Year 5 teacher, Beechworth Primary School.

Ian Trevaskis Author Visit Colorado USA
Author Visit Colorado USA

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