The Towers of Zordran

the towers of zordran, young adult novel by ian trevaskis

The Towers of Zordran

The Towers of Zordran, young adult novel

‘The Towers of Zordran’, has finally been published! After a number of versions my agent at Curtis Brown was delighted to read the final copy, but was unable to find a traditional publisher so we’ve taken the ebook path and I’m excited to announce it’s now available from as an ebook @ $6.50 or from as a Print-on-Demand title @ $9.99 ( plus postage and handling). I’ve begun writing the next book in the series – ‘Zordran’s Ring’.


‘Time Travel Quest’ This novel is suited to older children and young adults. It blends modern day life with heroic quests, time travel and ancient civilizations. A very easy and entertaining read.  5 stars.

and another…

‘A Fun Adventure for All’ A wonderful adventure combining fantasy and humour with the angst of adolescence. Whilst this is pitched at teenagers and young adults, as an older female I found it to be most enjoyable. Well worth a read.  5 stars.

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