NEW! Of Boys and Boats

Of Boys and Boats young adult novel by Ian Trevaskis
Of Boys and Boats

Of Boys and Boats, Young Adult novel

After submitting this story to a number of publishers without success, Ford Street Publishing in Melbourne recognised a good story when they saw one and offered me a contract to publish. What followed was over 12 months of extensive editing and rewriting under the guidance of two fabulous editors – Abbie and Robyn, and the book was released to the world in September 2020.

This story is based on many of my childhood experiences when growing up in Geelong in the 1950s, however, I must point out that I never pissed on a girl’s leg or fired a slingshot loaded with a dog turd! read more>

TO ORDER YOUR SIGNED COPY of ‘Of Boys and Boats’

You need to email me the following information…


If the book is for you, or a family member or friend, please indicate your/his/her name – I will include a short greeting along with the usual signature, or if you have a particular message in mind just let me know what you would like me to write.

Payment: by Direct Deposit to
I.R. and P.J. Trevaskis                                         
BSB 704191
Account No. 72418
Bank: First

OR    by cheque made out to Ian Trevaskis                                                                                                                     

Price: $20 per copy plus $10 postage and handling Total: $30.00 (add $5 for each additional copy)

Your order will be processed as soon as I receive payment and you will be notified when it’s in the mail. Please shoot me a quick email to let me know you’ve made a payment.

Thank you for supporting my work, oh, and some feedback would be nice!
Many thanks,

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