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G’day. Please visit my blog page here:

It’s about to get a complete makeover and as well as some information and updates about my writing journey, along with excerpts of forthcoming works, and an opportunity for you to provide some feedback, there’ll be some other totally unrelated stuff that will probably be much more interesting!


Here’s an excerpt from my blog:

I’m not much good at doing handyman sort of things and I’m pretty clueless around machines or motors. I recall as a young boy offering to help my father work on his car. When he asked me to pass him a spanner I fumbled around in his toolbox and handed him a screwdriver.
I admire those who can tinker for hours on their cars, fiddling with carburetors and timing belts. I envy those who can take some pieces of wood and create wonderful pieces of furniture. I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to such practical, blokey things.

As a child I spent endless hours clutching the arms of an old cane chair, propped up by a pile of pillows and struggling to breathe. My only solace and escape during those asthma attacks was in the world of books.

Books allowed me to escape for a time to other worlds where I could run and jump and experience wild and wonderful adventures.

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