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  1. Hi Lynne,

    Sincere apologies for this very late reply, but I don’t tend to check my website often.
    Unfortunately, ‘Quincy’ has been out of print for some years now and I have no spare copies.
    I do know that second-hand copies are sometimes advertised on various on-line bookstores, so suggest you try a search.
    Sorry I can’t help and good luck with your search.

  2. Hi I’ve been looking for this book everywhere, myself and my siblings favourite book. Is there anywhere that this can bought?

    • Hi Kaitlyn,
      Unfortunately the book has been out of print for some years now. If you do an online search you may find a second-hand one on offer at some of the bookstores that advertise on the web.
      Glad to hear it is a favourite. Good luck in your search.

  3. I had this book for my son when he was little and he loved it. His name is Christopher!! Unfortunately the book has been lost and I would love to be able to purchase another copy. Are these still available?

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